My name is Damien Juquel, a wedding photographer based in Lyon, in France.

With a solid experience working with demanding clients, I know how to delicately capture the unique celebrations taking place in the prestigious Rhône-Alpes region and beyond.

My timeless photographic style discreetly captures the most significant moments. My spontaneous shots sensitively reveal the purity of the emotions experienced.

Attentive to details, I strive to accurately transcribe the beauty of your ceremony and reception.

Discover on my portfolio how I authentically portray the magic of these precious moments in the Loire and throughout France.

by Damien Juquel


Love Stories

Passionate about weddings, I am committed to enhancing every precious moment with a contemporary style imbued with poetry. My goal is to create an event-driven work that emotionally and delicately retraces the smallest details of your exceptional wedding day.

Drawing from solid experience with a demanding clientele, I favor a refined and authentic photographic report that allows you to fully experience this exceptional event. My discreet and spontaneous shots will sensitively reveal the fleeting expressions of your love.

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Immortalize the exceptional love

Every wedding is unique and deserves to be celebrated with elegance.

Working discreetly and spontaneously, I capture the moments that matter most to you in an authentic way. For years, I’ve accompanied couples on their exceptional wedding day to immortalize their love in a style that is both poetic and intimate.

Through my photographs, I strive to tell your story with sensitivity, elevating each emotion. Whether during the ceremony or the festivities, I’m on the lookout for every meaningful moment.

Regardless of the destination chosen to celebrate this memorable day, whether in France or abroad, I will be honored to be your photographer of choice to immortalize the magic of your union. As such, discreet and attentive, I will let you savor each precious second surrounded by your loved ones in a serene manner.

If you are looking for an artist capable of enhancing your exceptional wedding and immortalizing it with elegance and emotion, trust me to elevate this unique moment.


Their Trust, My Greatest Reward


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