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How a Wedding Goes With a Professional Photographer – Complete Guide

In this article, we will explore in detail how a wedding goes with a professional photographer, especially when I am present as the photographer. We will cover each step, from our first meeting with the couple to the big day itself. We will also discuss the importance of the initial contact, the selection of the package, and the engagement session, as well as the preparation and flow of the wedding day. By following these tips, you can ensure that you have unforgettable memories of your wedding.

The Initial Contact: Establishing the Foundations with Your Photographer.

The initial contact with your photographer is a crucial step in planning your wedding. Whether you choose to work with me or another professional, this step will allow you to establish a relationship of trust and understand mutual expectations. Here are some tips for a successful initial contact and to know how a wedding goes with a professional photographer:

  1. Prepare a Detailed Email : n your first email, provide the essential information such as the desired photographer’s hours of presence and consult their portfolio and basic rates to ensure that their style and price match your expectations.
  2. Avoid Vague Requests : Instead of simply asking “What are your prices?” or “Send me a quote”, specify your desired timeline to facilitate communication.

The Connection: An Essential Bond with Your Photographer

Beyond Having the Right Photographic Style, Establishing a Strong Connection with Your Photographer is Crucial

In addition to aligning with your desired photographic style, it is crucial to establish a good connection with your wedding photographer in the US. Remember that this individual will be present throughout your wedding day, from the preparations to the reception and potentially even the after-party. Ensuring you have a good rapport with your photographer is key to guaranteeing an enjoyable experience and capturing beautiful images.

Selecting the Right Photography Package and Scheduling an Engagement/Couple Session Before the Wedding

The selection of your wedding photography package will depend on your budget and your priorities in terms of photo and video coverage. Some photographers also offer an engagement session or “day-after” session to capture intimate moments outside of the wedding day itself. I personally recommend planning an engagement session before the wedding. This will allow you to become comfortable with your photographer, gain confidence in front of the camera, and give you a preview of your photo session and the upcoming wedding day.

The Preparation: The Steps Before the Big Day

Preparing for your wedding involves numerous details, such as booking the venue and caterer. To assist you in this crucial step, I recommend listening to the podcast hosted by Laura, also known as The Bride Side. She will guide you through the process of planning your wedding and provide insights on how a wedding day unfolds with a professional photographer.

The Big Day: The Culmination of All Your Preparations

The long-awaited day has finally arrived! Make sure to get a good night’s sleep the evening before to be well-rested and energized. Allow yourself to be guided by the experienced vendors surrounding you, as they will provide advice and help soothe any nerves throughout this emotionally-charged day.

The Wedding Day: A Rollercoaster of Emotions

The wedding day is when everything comes together. The bride is pampered with hair, makeup, and getting into the dress. Personally, I often work with the talented makeup artist Penelope Essertel. In the example illustrated in this article, the hairstyling was done by the July Crea hair salon. The groom’s preparation is simpler, but equally emotional.

The day will then unfold with the various ceremonies (civil, secular or religious), the couple’s photo session, the cocktail hour, and the reception. Enjoy every moment and don’t overthink it! Once you have chosen the right vendors and the planning is complete, everything will go smoothly for you.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time should we allow for the engagement photo session before the wedding?

The duration of the engagement photo session can vary based on your preferences and schedule. Generally, a session of 1-2 hours is sufficient to capture beautiful couple portraits.

2. Is it possible to customize the wedding package based on our needs?

Absolutely! Most photographers offer flexible packages that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Don’t hesitate to discuss with your photographer to find the package that best fits your expectations.

3. What are the key steps in wedding preparation?

The key steps in wedding preparation include booking the reception venue, selecting the caterer, choosing attire and accessories, planning the decor, sending invitations, and so on. It’s important to start the planning process as early as possible to avoid last-minute stress.

4. How do we choose the right photographer for our wedding?

To choose the right wedding photographer, start by reviewing their portfolio to ensure their style aligns with your vision. Then, take the time to speak with them to gauge if you have a good rapport. Also consider their experience, pricing, and the services they offer.

5. What are common mistakes to avoid when planning a wedding?

Some common mistakes to avoid when planning a wedding include underestimating the budget, procrastination, lack of communication with vendors, choosing the wrong dress size, and inflexibility in the timeline. It’s important to stay organized, delegate tasks, and be open to adjustments.


By following these tips and carefully planning each step of your wedding, you can ensure you have unforgettable memories and stunning photos. Remember to choose a photographer you connect with well, and savor every moment of this special day. Wishing you a wonderful wedding!

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

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