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How to Stay Natural During Couple Photos?

When it comes to taking photos, many people wonder how to stay natural during couple photos and be relaxed in front of the camera. This is a frequent question that future newlyweds ask me during our meetings or before a couple photo session. Many express their concerns by saying: “I don’t find myself good-looking…” or “I’m not comfortable in front of the camera.”

I will try to address these concerns and reassure all couples who doubt their ability to be photogenic. First, I want to say that you are not alone in feeling this way. Even as a photographer, I have found myself in this situation before. However, there are a few tricks that your photographer (myself or another) can use to highlight you in the photos.

Psychology and Complicity First

To get natural photos, it is essential to create a relaxed and complicit atmosphere. It is useless to stress trying to be natural, as it is the photographer’s role to put you at ease. For my part, I try to create an everyday state of mind by encouraging the couple to focus on a detail of their partner that makes them laugh or react (for example, if they are ticklish or if she doesn’t like kisses near the ear). By pushing them to focus on this detail, I manage to make them forget my presence for a few moments and capture their complicity. Before the session, I carefully observe the partners or discuss with them to know their preferences and little character traits.

Let’s Play Together!

Another trick is to constantly interact with the couple during the session. I don’t ask them to pose in a rigid way, as that would make them uncomfortable and result in artificial photos. On the contrary, I use the surrounding environment and encourage them to interact naturally. For example, I have them walk together while asking them to whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears or exchange fleeting kisses as they gaze intensely into each other’s eyes.

I create intimate moments where I urge them to get close, face to face, which generates laughter, joy, and sometimes even teasing, like nose fights or little kisses on the neck. The goal is to capture their happiness and complicity in an authentic way.

Happiness Above All!

In summary, a good photographer will quickly understand the dynamics and complicity of a couple, which will help them feel at ease during the photo session. They will play with them, create moments of complicity, and ensure that the process remains a moment of happiness and fun for both partners. Whether for a wedding or a couples photo session, the goal is to preserve the spontaneity and naturalness that characterize your relationship.


  1. How to Stay Natural During Couple Photos?
    To stay natural, it’s important to relax and focus on your partner. Let yourself be guided by the photographer and interact authentically.
  2. How to Act During Wedding Photos?
    During wedding photos, be yourself and enjoy every moment. Follow the photographer’s instructions, but also leave room for spontaneity.
  3. How to Be Natural in Photos?
    To be natural, forget the camera and focus on your partner. Interact, laugh, exchange complicit glances, and let the photographer capture these spontaneous moments.
  4. How to Gain Confidence in Front of the Camera?
    To gain confidence, remember that you are unique and your love is beautiful. Trust yourself, breathe deeply, and let your personality shine through the photos.
  5. Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Wedding?
    Some common mistakes to avoid when planning a wedding are not booking vendors in advance, not establishing a realistic budget, not taking into account your partner’s preferences and needs, not allowing enough time for photos, and not delegating tasks to reduce stress.

Don’t forget that the most important thing is to enjoy every moment and be carried away by the love and complicity that unite you. A good photographer will know how to put you at ease and capture authentic and precious moments. So relax, be yourself, and let the magic happen!

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